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Major Shift In Cable News Coverage After 2012 Election Cycle

The Cable TV Industry has gotten far too many gifts from government. It has lobbied to create barriers to entry for its business model for far too many years. Because of this these companies are soaking the American people for huge amounts of money every single day. Television used to be free, and it was paid for by the advertising. Today, you still have the advertising, but now you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money, and most of the shows and content are reruns.

Many people believe they need cable TV to stay up on at least the news. Nevertheless, I would submit to you that the news on cable TV has done nothing more than dummied down the American people, and they are not delivering on the promise. The news just isn’t that good. Okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

During the 3-day weekend, the following weekend in fact after the November 6 election, we had the news media missing much of the global news and playing re-runs, and special programming, the same clips, interviews, and specials over and over again, nearly every hour, but no mention of Middle East issues, major Earthquakes, or other events.

Indeed, I thought it was rather interesting one late Saturday night when Hamas was firing rockets and industrial grade missiles into Israel, and I received several news alerts by e-mail and yet there was nothing on TV. All the cable TV news stations had a bunch of junk on, it’s as if no one was working, and there were no foreign correspondence whatsoever. How can this be I thought? Was there a blackout of our media by the government, was the media told to not cover the story?

Or is the cable TV news media down to bare-bones, and without all that advertising being paid in for the presidential elections, they can’t afford to keep all the news reporters all over the world gainfully employed reporting the news. That’s a scary thought, and I realized that after the election there are fewer reporters in Washington DC following up on the stories. The only stories they follow up on seem to be whatever is the most popular with the paparazzi driven mindset of the American people.

Worst, all the cable TV news stations all follow the same news events and a skip everything else. It seems to me that the news is and has become fairly worthless. They just tell us what we think we want to hear, put up nice graphics, show us a few arguments, and then cut everyone off in the middle of their sentences and go to a hard break; another commercial. Meanwhile the cable TV companies raise the volume of the commercials so you can’t even hear yourself think. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there something going on here; this just isn’t right.

If the cable TV stations cannot do better than this with their news, I don’t think the American people need them anymore. We should let competition come in to the scene, and let the free market decide, which could also allow the prices to come down – because for what they are giving us, it’s is totally outrageous in my view – and that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.